Dr. Stephen Bryen, former senior Defense Department official and founder of the Defense Technology Security Administration, spoke at ComDef 2016 held at the Army Navy club in Arlington Virginia.

Dr. Bryen addressed the subject of International Companies in the US Defense Market.

“I think it is important to understand the barriers that make it difficult for international companies to find defense-related business in the United States,” Dr. Bryen told the audience that included many NATO and friendly country senior representatives. “When you see what you are up against you can adapt a strategy to fit your needs and then go on to be successful.”

“Some of the barriers are cultural,” Dr. Bryen said, but “others come from a lack of understanding of the competitive nature of the US market space. International players need to prepare themselves correctly and approach the market in the right way, or they will be frustrated. Two common mistakes,” Dr. Bryen said, ” are thinking that you can show up and win contracts on your own schedule instead of establishing yourself as a player who intends to stay in the American market, and thinking that you can find a political way to win a contract.” Dr. Bryen pointed out that the American system works differently and foreign firms have to adjust properly to it or end up disappointed.

ComDef publishes the Common Defense Quarterly and hosts defense conferences in the United States and internationally.


Stephen Bryen is the author of the new study, Technology Security and National Power: Winners and Losers (Transaction Publishers), available through most book sellers.

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