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My expertise is strategy.  I focus on policy and how to implement plans and programs and how to manage outcomes.


I have had four wonderful careers: in government as a senior official; in industry as a President and CEO; as an entrepreneur in launching new ideas and new businesses; and as an author who regularly publishes in the area of international affairs and cyber security.  And before all the above happened I was a Professor and pioneer in cybernetics in the social sciences at Lehigh University.

I appeared on the nationally syndicated Josh Tully radio show discussing Iran.  You can hear it here.


BELOW: Intervista integrale a Stephen Bryen, ex vice sottosegretario dell'amministrazione Reagan e tra i maggiori esperti mondiali di cyber-terrorismo e tecnologie militari, a cura di Andrea Marcigliano e Matteo Marsini, rispettivamente senior fellow e associate analyst del think tank, Il Nodo di Gordio.

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Below you can listen in to the November 3rd Josh Tully show where I discuss Syria, Russia and related national security issues.

Josh Tully Show Nov 3, 2015 Syria & Russia - Josh Tully
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